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HI! The group is currently for search of administrators/contributors/co-founder or even a founder as I am willing to contribute to an other group and without a premium membership, I cannot complete this task.

If you know someone who would be interested to complete one of these job, or that you are interested yourself, please leave a comment or a note.

- Who are we searching for exactly? -

-Someone who knows and follow the rules of this group
-Someone who is aware of different myths and legends and can tell the difference between theim
-Someone who knows or is willing to do researches if needed about subjects that are posted in the gallery, so the folders are well managed
-Someone who is whilling to bring up contests and bi-weekly jams or other activities
-Someone who is able to manage adult-content submitions and/or other situations with respectfull and responsible reactions

Please do submit your experience, your willing for this job and your knowledge about mythology, myths and legends.

THANKS and good luck! ;)

What do you think about featuring some of your art posted in here?
I'm thinking about volonteers making art from some species at a time. That would warm up the activity here and rediscover some species stock up in our galleries doing not much.
SO! What about doing art from those this week?
-gallery folder and art selected with random number from : chimeric species… -… -…

If you dislike those random species, you are very welcome to choose any in our gallery to perform some feature.
Fan art will be rewarded with a free sketch from me on the subject you want [except pornography].

WINNER is ...… in the artist's comment! ;)

Hey! I'm planning on doing payable commissions very soon and I need subjects to illustrate my commission styles chart. So I'm offering to you all , the possibility to see your species being redone in my style to illustrate every possibilities I can offer in commissions. If I'll take one species or multiple ones will depend on the participation of every one.


- You only have to post a comment below with a link of your species or some of yours
- You can also post a note to me or the group with a link to your species


- I will post credits on my chart for the species' owner
- There will be no other prize than being featured*
- If you are chosen, you are very welcome to suggest corrections, limitations and updates to your species to me while I draw theim
- There is no place here for insults, predjudices, aggressivity and non conform DeviantArt behavior
- * If you are advertising me or my commissions, you could receive one redline or sketch or tiny speedpaint freely
- I'm open minded toward suggestions, feel free to note and comment
- There is no limits of how many species of yours you can suggest
- You must be a member of this group to suggest your species
- The species you are suggesting SHOULD be in the group's gallery
- I will priorise species and artists that are already in the gallery and already members
- You can suggest others' species, but then you must ask theim first and send a screenshot of the artist's approval with your comment/note here or on the group's page or on my page

- After you read those rules, you must post ''I agree'' or ''OK'' with the number of rules listed up here on your note or comment for suggesting a species.

:bulletred: DEADLINE

- I'm planning on opening up my commissions as soon as possible, so lets say a week maximum. So the deadline for submiting ideas will be SEPTEMBER 3rd. BUT!!!! SOONER YOU POST BETTER IT IS! Plus, I might shorten the deadline to AUGUST 31, with advice. Winner(s) will be contacted trough note/comment on their page and announced trough this journal post. (I will check comments as they arrive but will determine the winner during september 3rd) (the contest is over).

Novarock - :iconnovarock:…
Is our affiliate :iconxenowomenfans:'s contest. Plus, if you would like to participate to a secret santa, plese note me or put a comment so I can organise one! But DAC (:icondragonsandcousins:) is currently doing one, so if you're a member or want to becoming one, pass by!
Greetings from :iconvargr-pack:! We are a post-apocalyptic roleplaying group in the making. We've recently made some big changes and are looking for active team members to help us put these new features into effect. If you are interested in joining the moderator/ plotting team, please let me know. We need people who:
Can help us better our storyline and contribute new ideas
Can dedicate at least a couple hours a week to the group
Have artistic AND literary skill near/on the same level as the current moderators
Are willing to learn the way the group works and get caught up on our ideas so far
Have knowledge and experience pertaining to creature and world creation
If you're interested, feel free to look around the group. It has not been updated in a while as most of the plotting goes on behind the scenes. Please contact me (:iconumbrafen:) for more information if you think you're up for helping us. Just a few of the things we have planned are: a website including all important information pertaining to the roleplay, a massive contest, a new “world expansion”, and a virtual marketplace and currency for our members. Thanks for reading!